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The Alliance University Difference

For more than 140 years, our mission has remained steadfast. Intentional about offering a transformational experience, we prepare our students to be global citizens. Our institutional values are integral to fulfilling the mission of seeing our graduates go on to lead lives of purpose and service to others, continuing the legacy of our founder.

Our Mission

Alliance University is committed to our STUDENTS as our first priority and will work to ensure they flourish under the wise hand of a loving God. Faculty and staff are our most important ACADEMIC resource. Through their professionalism and personal godly commitment and life, they will, as role models, teach our students to flourish. We will strive to be a community that lives out our VALUES. We will adopt and practice sound ECONOMIC and fiscal models of performance and operations.

Our Vision

Be the university of first choice for all students seeking a transforming Christian education so that they become change agents for global transformation through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Values

Alliance University is committed to our core values in our service to God and to others. Our core values are the guiding principles that lead to student success and transformation. This transformation leads to positive change for the student, those they will serve, and the world.


Globally Engaged

Since 1882, Alliance University has been at the forefront of developing thousands of change-makers. The goal that inspired Dr. A.B. Simpson to establish a school in New York City more than a century ago continues to guide our efforts. Today, we prepare students to serve and lead on a global scale by equipping them with practical knowledge and skills that will serve them throughout their lives and careers.

We live in a world full of conflict and challenge. Alliance University develops servant leaders who will bring faith-based solutions to people and places in need of change. Alliance University graduates global citizens who will see challenges as new opportunities each day.

As we fulfill the vision of Dr. A.B. Simpson, we will continue the rich history of graduating students who are globally engaged.

Academically Excellent

Academic excellence at Alliance University is reflected in the success of its graduates. Our graduates are equipped and prepared to make a difference in the world as church and community leaders, educators, scholars, healthcare providers, and entrepreneurs.

This excellence is achieved by prioritizing biblical integration in all programs, small class sizes that encourage strong faculty-student relationships, and academic resources that support students in their educational goals.


Intentionally Diverse

Being intentionally diverse is seen in our church and community affiliations, cultures, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. This diversity is critical to the effectiveness of our mission and vision as it inspires us to look beyond ourselves and come together for the cause – as one united body of Christ.

At Alliance University, our cause is for our graduates to build the Kingdom of God in every neighborhood, every profession, every socio-economic status… “every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation,” (Revelation 5:9). We do not allow our differences to divide us. We are to be a microcosm of the world and the Kingdom of heaven.


Personally Transforming

Students are transformed from the inside out as a result of an authentic, personal relationship with Christ. We cultivate an environment for students to feel supported in their walk with Christ – challenging them to discern His will with boldness and conviction.

Any university can say that they change the lives of their students. The question that must be asked is “How are students’ lives being changed?” For Alliance University, the transformation that really matters occurs when our students encounter Jesus in a personal and meaningful way.

Socially Relevant

Being socially relevant means engaging with our neighbors and communities in a way that is both meaningful and lasting. Our students not only bring the message of Christ to people who have never heard it; they bring His love to those who have never known it. We believe when God’s people bring the provision of God to those in need, God’s presence and power are magnified.

Our cause is taking the love and compassion of Christ to people in ways that are relevant to their needs. We take the bread of Jesus to those who do not have enough to eat. We take the light of the hope of Jesus to those who huddle in the darkness.

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